The world’s best optical illusions

Optical illusions often play us real mental jokes and make us misperceive reality by completely deceiving our brains. Below we will see 10 of the most extraordinary optical illusions in the world.

The world’s best optical illusions

The eyes are very easy to deceive

NOTE: This is the text used from the video version that you can find at the end of this article and in which you can find each of the optical illusions seen here.

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1. In this image there is absolutely no black dot, however, we see many of them and when we try to see any specific ones, it disappears and others appear on the sides.

2. The lines are completely horizontal and straight. However, by the effects of illusion we see as if they are slight curves. It’s our brain playing bad tricks.

3.If we look at the center of the image and approach and move away from the screen we will start to see the image begin to move. However it is only a static image and movement is only in our mind.

4. When looking at the center we see as if the black zone begins to spread throughout the image. Of course, the image doesn’t change at all and again we see things.

5. As we look at the center of the image for a few seconds, we begin to see some green circles bordering the fuchsia-colored circles, green circles that exist only in our imagination.

6. The figure we see here is apparently impossible, but nothing further from reality as we can see it in this other image. It’s just a perspective game.

7.We may not see more than a blurred face in this image, but if we look more closely we can see that it is really a couple kissing.

8. At a glance, it appears that boxes A and B were of different colour; However, they are exactly the same color, and the shadow of the cylinder makes us see things.

9. One of the most extraordinary optical illusions. The image is completely static and the movement you see is created by your brain.

10.As hard as you see the dancer turning left or right, it doesn’t turn anywhere. It is simply a female silhouette that in each frame assumes a specially crafted shape in a way that deceives our brains making us think that it is going left or right.

To understand it better, imagine a circle that widens sideways, that doesn’t mean it rotates, only that at each frame it assumes a different shape.

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