The world’s deadliest martial arts

Sports practices always turn out to be a very good and healthy thing, however, in the world there are sports practices that can become very dangerous and even lethal, with which definitely, if it is the case and in the hands of a practitioner could have deadly consequences.

The discipline they require is impressive

We refer to the most lethal martial arts in the world, within which we can find countless that are quite dangerous. However, we will focus on what we believe are some of the most dangerous and among which we find the following:

Taekwondo: this martial art was born in Korea, whose mottos are: I must be a champion of justice and freedom” and “I must build a peaceful and better world”. His specialty is kicking.

Kalaripayattu: this martial art comes from India. It’s even the oldest in history. His methodology begins to apply to children from the age of seven, in a training of mind, body and spirit, led by a gurukkal or special teacher.

The Karate: is the most famous in the West of the world, especially for the success that Karate Kid achieved. It originated in Japan and historians consider it to be an art coming long before the indigenous people of Ryukyu Island, heavily influenced by the Kenpo.

Sambo: this kind of martial art comes from Russia and has been ranked as one of the deadliest of all. It has not been established as an official sport, although a demonstration was held during the Moscow Olympics.

Of course, there are many other lethal martial arts and dangerous sports practices such as boxing, which has left dozens of dead or comatose people, the result of the blows received in full combat.

What other lethal martial arts do you know?

The world’s deadliest martial arts
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July 20, 2019

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