The world’s largest power plant

The largest pile in the world is actually quite a power plant and also the largest on the planet. It is found in China, Hebei; it was conducted by a company that focuses on vehicle electricity, along with other more related automotive industries. The voltage it handles exceeds 37 Megawats/hour.

A technology of enormous proportions

It is nothing more or nothing less than a powerful device that is capable of feeding energy to about 12 thousand houses, in the span of sixty minutes and has as an alternative resource in case of an electrical emergency. But if the number of households is reduced, obviously the number of hours will increase considerably.

This whole project has cost more than 400 million euros and the size of the giant pile is like that of a football field. According to the Chinese authorities, the aim is to strengthen the works in that country, as it is to build wind and solar power parks.

Specifically, the battery center that occupies an entire building, produces 140 megavolts of renewable energy, with an intelligent power transmission system and a storage capacity of 36 megawatt hours. The center is not at all independent, but is connected to 140 megawatts of solar and wind power.

Over the past two centuries, various energy experiments have been conducted in search of several relevant sources. Experts say that information from unlimited energy sources has long been available that could supply the entire planet without harming the environment at all, but the large multinationals that have not allowed it.

Every day that passes, it is coming to light, that there are countless sources of energy alternative to the conventional electrical system and that is why this kind of news is observed more and more regularly.

The world’s largest power plant
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July 20, 2019

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