The world’s largest scorpion

More than 400 million years ago, the Earth’s seas did not appear to have been suitable places for a living being. But recently, in Germany a gigantic scorpion was found dating from that prehistoric era, whose claws are 45 cm and are 45 cm in size and are more than two.50 meters. Practically, the measurements of a dolphin.

Giant insects inhabited the Earth

Geology expert Simon Braddy found the mysterious animal. Braddy says: “We long ago knew that the fossil record concealed monstrous millipedes, huge scorpions, colossal cockroaches and gigantic dragonflies, but we could never calculate the size of those bugs.”

The Euripterids

This is called the kind of scorpions to which the gigantic fossil found belongs. It is suspected to be an ancestor of spiders and aquatic scorpions. Researchers believe these exorbitant insects developed that way, as a result of the large amount of oxygen from that time in the Earth’s atmosphere.

So to Official Science everything points out that 400 million years ago, this huge scorpion that exceeds all limits in size, was played in trying to survive with other giant insects and abominable creatures, in the survival of the strongest. However, there are many who oppose these Darwinian theories.

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The world’s largest scorpion
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