The world’s largest tsunami

Within the tsunamis recorded as the largest in the world, we find the one in Bay Lituya. The scenario he developed looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. Its waves exceeded almost half a kilometer in height and for that reason it tops the list of megatsunamis.

A terrifying half-mile-high wave

It was caused by a terrible 8.4-magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale in 1958, on July 9 in Lituya. Just two minutes after the earthquake occurred, 32 million cubic meters of land rose, along with an immense water wall 520 meters high, advancing along the coast of the bay with a pressure of 210 kilometers per hour.

Fortunately, the areas with the greatest impact of these exorbitant waves were uninhabited by humans. But at that very moment, three fishing boats were at the scene, when the earthquake uncame. Obviously, with no chance of fleeing the tsunami, the three boats were washed away by the raging sea.

Three fishing boats in the middle of the tsunami

A ship was manned by a couple of husbands, Swanson and Vivian, who did not run with luck and were raised more than 30 meters and finally crushed against the shore of the bay. It also happened with the Sunmore’s ship, another of the three vessels.

It was manned by Mr. Orville Wagner and his partner; died instantly by the beating of the water wall. And the third, where Howard Uhlrich was going along with his seven-year-old boy, could be miraculously saved as the boat slid properly as it entered the gigantic wave.

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The world’s largest tsunami
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September 18, 2019

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