The world’s largest worm

Especially in tropical areas of the world, we can find a whole variety of giant worms of all sizes. In Australia, however, the world’s largest worm or worm was found, specifically on the banks of the Victoria River.

The world’s largest worm

It exceeds two meters long

This thin and long specimen, is two centimeters thick and exceeds two meters long. Interestingly, this worm is too keen by the fishermen of the region, because a single worm serves them for a large number of bait, also considering that it is very juicy, tender and delicious to attract the fish to the hook.

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They are very easy to detect, since at the entrance of their underground tunnels, small cone-shaped hills are formed, manufactured by them using organic waste and earth debris, accumulated at a single point for a good time.

Delator mounds

It is precisely that detail of the mounds that form next to their burrows, which give them away and lead them to be captured by their predators, of which humans are the most feared.

It is very common for Australians to encounter a worm of this style; however, it is not the same with other inhabitants of the world, who will surely be amazed at the encounter of one of these. Be that as it may, it gives great admiration to the great diversity of animals on planet Earth.

It should be noted that it is not a snake, called “the giant of Gipssland”.

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