The world’s longest rivers

Rivers are indispensable in the economy of peoples, as well as in their culture, and are main basis for activities such as agriculture and fishing. And there are some that definitely draw attention by its extension. Among them are.

Throughout the globe, we find many varied rivers, nourished by a flora and fauna that go beyond the limits of beauty and imposingness. Then the longest rivers in the world.

The Amazon

It is considered to be the longest river in the world. It roams the mysterious lands of South America and is the largest water reserve on the planet.

It is 7020 kilometers long and throughout its route crosses tropical and humid forests. Its largest tributary is concentrated in southern Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.

The Nile

It was not only of great relevance to the Egyptians, but to the entire history of the human race. Its location is located on the African continent, specifically on ‘Lake Victoria’. Its final mouth is the Mediterranean. Its length is tremendous: 6671 kilometers.

The Yangzi

In Asia, the river encompassing the largest terrain and route; exactly 6,380 km. After the Amazon and the Nile, this colossal water from China, which was born in Tibet, on the Quinghai Plateau. It flows eastward, traversing provinces and autonomous regions of the eastern country, to eventually flow into the “East China Sea”.

The Mississippi

It is 6270 km long. It is found in the United States and is the largest river in North America. Its birth originates in the vicinity of “Lake Itasca”, in the northern part of the city of Minnesota and passes through 10 states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Tennessee, Louisiana and Mississippi. His career ends in the “Gulf of Mexico”, very close to New Orleans.

The Yellow River

It is China’s second river system, also called Huang He. It is 5465 kilometers long. His birth develops very high on the Quinghai Plateau, in Tibetan lands like other rivers. To finish in the “Golfo de Bohai”, you must tour the province of Gansu and Quinghai and then, the “desert of Ordos” in Mongolia.

The Obi River

We found this imposing river in Russia, in western Siberia. The origin of its trajectory begins in the mountains of Altái, in central Asia and ends in the Gulf of Obi, leading to the Arctic Ocean.

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The world’s longest rivers
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