The world’s most beautiful geyser

Geiser, coming from the verb Geysa meaning Emanar, is a steamed hot spring. It’s a phenomenon, there are about 1000 geiseres on our planet. Minerals determine their activity.

His steps are, steaming, then the water starts to overflow. There the surface tension is broken, water is released strongly expelled upwards and returns. Contact with surface water and hot rocks of underground magma generates activity passing through porous rocks.

A dance of steam fire, water and many colors

The combination of fire and water, its steam that rises and dances, making the geiser sublime landscapes, especially the geizer fly, a multicolored mountain of terraces that release water. Located in the black rock desert in nevada (United States). Just as its beauty is special, so is its history.

In 1916 farmers looking for water tanks found this point, their hot temperature did not serve them to irrigate their crops. Time passed and in 1964 water pressure sprouted without limits.

The Three Buddhas

“The Three Buddhas” is as the bulges of the geiser fly are known, the same one that was born from holes that formed mounds and each year, several centimeters grow. Its composition is dissolved calcium carbonate that becomes solid when water evaporates. Its rock colors vary in the extent of the minerals that are deposited, brought by calcium carbonate. Thermophilic algae give brushstrokes to the mineral.

It is not considered natural by the intervention of man, who punctured the desert, specifically, the geothermal energy company. It’s a discovery of the secrets the earth keeps. Its beauty is appreciable thanks to nature and human intervention, which looking for water, found a divine source of colors and steam.

A geiser is very similar to a pressure cooker, as the water it contains in reserve is overheated, increasing its temperature to a level above the boiling level.

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The world’s most beautiful geyser
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August 14, 2019

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