The world’s most beautiful golfer

Golf is a select sport that only a few people practice, of Swedish origin and whose beginnings date back to the high middle ages, althoughit is also possible to find records of a very similar sport in the Netherlands during a time as early as the thirteenth century.

The world’s most beautiful golfer

Golf lovers are in love

By tradition it has been a sport practiced mainly by men, although also some women have come to venture into it and there are tournaments aimed only at women such as the solheim cup.

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And among them, one in particular stands out. This is Paige Spiranac, born in 1993, a beautiful blonde originally from Monument Colorado, in the United States, and who has been considered the sexiest golfer in the world. The woman graduated from the University of San Diego in the United States and has been practicing golf ever since, so much so that she earned her undergraduate degree for helping her University win one of the tournaments.

Paige, with her angelic face and toned body, is the envy of many models and, in case something went wrong with golf, she would already have secured her career as a model or presenter. She loves fitness and comes from a very athletic family. She has earned several titles such as the Mountain West Women’s Golf Championship.

She is also very active in social networks, which, together with her beauty, has served her to make herself a name and make herself known worldwide.

The blonde, with all this, has inscribed her name with that of other women such as María Verchenova and Sophie Horns, who at the time were also listed as the sexiest golfers in the world.

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