The world’s most dangerous viruses

Numerous viruses, especially in recent times, have claimed the lives of millions of people. Some conspiracy scholars consider that major powers conduct military experiments, inventing lethal viruses to make chemical weapons, which they use to combat their enemies and also reduce the number of the population around the world World.

Be that as it may, here we have the most dangerous viruses, considering their mortality.


It is a virus whose symptoms are similar to Ebola, only that it is much more powerful and deadly, at 89%. It causes severe hemorrhagic fever, which has no cure or any kind of treatment. It is spread by contact of fluids, such as blood, menstruation, mucous secretions, saliva, seminal fluids, urine and vomit.

Hanta Virus

It is attributed the name by the River Hantan, as is the Ebola. Interestingly, it arises in the midst of the U.S. war with Korea in the 1950s. Symptoms include high-temperature fevers, severe lung conditions, and severe kidney damage. It remains in force, as in 2012 it was found in Yosemite Park.

Bird flu

The infection of this virus is from contact with infected birds. Its origin occurred in Asia and different medicines have been developed that prevent and cure it. However, it has a mortality rate of 71%. It mainly attacks the respiratory system, until the patient is chronically ill and killed.

Lassa Virus

It has been detected in Africa and spread through mice and rats. His direct attack goes on the body’s cells and there is no vaccine to prevent it or antidote him, to cure him, until now discovered. It has infected 320,000 people a year, according to health authorities.


The danger of this dreadful virus is considered to be of the highest risk, since as it is spread by mosquito bites, it tends to multiply at accelerated levels. There are both official and alternative methods of healing, but it has caused several deaths worldwide anyway.

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The world’s most dangerous viruses
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September 18, 2019

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