The world’s most dangerous volcanoes

The whole Earth is full of volcanoes of different sizes and characteristics. Some have been asleep for many centuries and even millennia, but others are now activating and seeming to be increasing. Here are the world’s most feared volcanoes:

Etna, Italy

From all over the European continent, this is the volcano with the highest and highest activity. It is considered a great current hazard, especially for the inhabitants of populations and nearby cities of Sicily.

Merapi, Indonesia

This is another volcanic giant that in recent years, erupts frequently. One of the nearby towns of the volcano is Yogyakarta, where more than five thousand people died in 2006 and another 200 thousand were injured.

Papandayan, Indonesia

It is located on the island of Java, Indonesia. Experts recommend not building houses on their slopes, but there have always resided thousands of people. In recent decades nothing has happened, but in the 18th century, an unparalleled catastrophe was caused by the Papandayan, destroying the 40 villages that surround it and claiming the lives of more than 30 thousand inhabitants.

Popocatépetl, Mexico

This flaming colossal is located no further than 70 kilometers away from the Mexican capital, under a glacier. Not only would the 10 million people living in Mexico City be in grave danger in the event of a rash, but dozens of surrounding towns, too.

Sierra Negra, Galapagos Islands

The last time he had a rash was in 2005. These islands are considered to be among the most active volcanoes on Earth. In just two centuries, approximately 52 eruptions have been recorded.

Yellowstone, Wyoming State, USA

It’s the most feared volcano in the world. More than 650 thousand years ago it does not erupt and it is believed that if it did, it could even end life all over the planet, for the ash and smoke emitted are of such magnitude, that they would spread throughout the globe and prevent the sun from entering , producing a glaciation. Scientists say it’s almost 100, 000 years away from an event like this.

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The world’s most dangerous volcanoes
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September 18, 2019

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