The world’s most devastating atomic bombs

Undoubtedly, the most terrible atomic bomb, to date officially recorded, is the “tsar’s bomb”, which exploded in late October 1962. Their scopes were unimaginable and the terror provoked, indescribable.

However, this infernal artifact of Russian origin, was detoned in the air and supposedly, as a test of the power of the Soviet Union. The bomb arrived at the agreed siege: the Archipelago of New Zemba in the Arctic, aboard the “Tupolev Tu5-95, one of the deadliest bombers of the time.

A devastating explosion

Its proportions were considerable: long, 8 meters long and wide, 2 meters. Its approximate weight is 27300 kg. The activation of the bomb was too thunderous and of surprising ranges, for even more than 1200 kilometers away, the terrifying nuclear fungus could be seen.

The negative effects of the experiment were apparently never taken into account, but many people were the immediate and subsequent victims of this event. The latter, characterized by a horrificly slow and carcinogenic death, due to the effect of radioactivity that prevailed in the environment and that still remains and as a result of the winds, spreads throughout the planet.

Some witnesses claim to have third-degree burns, as they were only 100 metres away. The heat produced was like something out of science fiction, reaching a million degrees and atmospheric pressure, exceeded all limits that a human could endure. The radioactive toxic cloud has often turned the planetary globe around. In a strict comparison, it was possible to verify that the power that was released, compared to the energy emitted by the Sun, was 1.40%.

Atomic experiments at the seabed and deserts

Since that time, nuclear atomic experiments have been carried out in secluded and specific locations, such as in the deserts and mainly in the oceans, the main cause of what is called the “child’s phenomenon”, as many connoisseurs of the matter say.

According to this perspective, the real cause of climate change is these experimental nuclear explosions, which cause mutation in sea creatures, hurricanes, earthquakes and countless environmental problems.

For more than 50 years, day by day, scientists serving the world’s major powers are perfecting nuclear weaponry to the fullest, overcoming them with hydrogen bombs and other weapons not known massively.

“The Tsar’s Bomb” became obsolete because of the results observed in its detonation, as its 27 tons made it impossible to launch it through a missile system. But compared to the current ones, this one just looks like a Christmas torpedo.

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The world’s most devastating atomic bombs
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September 11, 2019

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