The world’s most faithful animals

In the animal world, on a sexual level, there is everything from those who have sex in exchange for something, usually food, to those who are gay and bisexual and, although most animals do not keep any fidelity to their partner once they have finished or the breeding process, there are also some exceptional cases where they don’t even have sex with another animal other than their partner, the same one they are loyal to for life.

Animals tend to be more faithful than humans

Such is the case of the Atlantic puffin, also called common puffin or puffin, typical of several islands of the Atlantic Ocean, although it can also be found in several other parts.

Its appearance is beautiful, upright, bill and legs orange, white front and black on the back, the puffin feeds on much fish, although also some marine molluscs, shrimp and worms come into its diet. Puffins have a lifelong partner and take care of their young alike.

Beavers is another example of fidelity. It is a rodent typical of North America, although it can also be found in parts of Europe and Asia. Beavers have a special ability to build levees and follow a fully vegetarian diet.

The loyalty of beavers reaches such a point that they have no other partners for their entire life and will only take another one in the event that their partner dies.

The bald eagle, also known as the white-headed eagle, the national symbol of the United States, like the former, only has sex with their partner, the same one to which they will be faithful for life, except in case of death or helplessness.

These birds are usually solitary and spend huge time lapses still, although attentive to any sound of the environment. Their diet is based on fish, although they also become scavengers.

The swan is perhaps the most poignant example of monogamous animals. These are beautiful waterfowl of dazzling white plumage. They feed mainly on aquatic plants, although they also eat insects and frogs.

The swans are not only faithful to their partner throughout their lives, but once she dies, many of them will not have another partner in the rest of their lives, even some who argue that some fail and die of pain.

Some other animals that are also worth mentioning for the fidelity they profess to their partner are: the parakeet, the yellow plume penguin, the seahorse, the gibbon, the gray wolf, the French angelfish, the owl, the orcas, the albatross, the geese and the lovebirds.

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The world’s most faithful animals
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August 14, 2019

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