The world’s most murderous girl

The famous case of the killer girl who landed everyone was starring Mary Bell, a girl born on 26 May 1957 in England and who from a very young age was abused by her mother but the abuse exceeded the limits because in addition to beating her repeatedly and the psychological abuse of which she was a victim, the mother sold her to perform aberrant sexual practices in exchange for money.

Circumstances made her so

Violence of all kinds of which she was a victim was not enough, repeatedly her mother tried to kill by making events look like accidents, but the only thing certain of the case was that she wanted to kill her because she was deeply envious of the enigmatic beauty of your daughter as she reportedly looked like a doll because she looked androgynous.

At the age of eight, her mother sold her virginity and the girl suffered many severe psychological traumas that were evident years later when she exhibited misfit behaviors in which she tortured chickens, dogs and cats.

On May 25, 1968 Mary Bell brutally murdered her neighbor Martin Brown who appeared strangled, and according to the version given by Mary herself they were playing and the innocent game despairing in a heavy beating in which the child fell unconscious but seeing that you still resent pyred her brutally strangled him to death.

In July of that same year, Brian Howe, an infant as young as three, was found dead and with deep cuts all over his body, and in addition to this he had the letter M marked on his belly with cuts made with razor and with tufts of his own hair inside  their genitals, by the traces of the murder, the police concentrated on looking for a teenager because everything was aimed at a ritual sacrifice or something like that because the scenes were so macabre.

After several months of investigations, authorities discovered that the perpetrator of such a macabre crime had been Mary Bell.

Mary was captured along with Norma, her best friend, who was later acquitted of the charges, leaving Mary as solely responsible for the events, for whom she spoke very coldly. The girl was declared a psychopath and was sentenced to prison, where she was 12 years old and released when she was 23 years old.

Thanks to a thorough investigation by the authorities into Mary Bell’s case, she was able to obtain a special permit that allows her to maintain the anonymity of her identity, along with that of her daughter.

The world’s most murderous girl
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July 31, 2019

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