The world’s most murderous miss and playboy

Only the most beautiful women participate in the beauty pageants and the winners become queens.

The models inspire admiration not only for their beauty, but also for their charisma and education and who, in their own way, become the ambassadors of the region or country they represent. Such a woman, no doubt, is someone every person would look for without any fear.

But what if it were the most murderous queen in the world? Well, apparently, this is the case of the former miss Bosnia, who represented that country in 2014, the beautiful and charismatic model Brunette Slobodanka Tosic, born in 1986 and who also became one of the playboy bunieands and participated in several reality shows of  europa.

The case took place in early July 2015, following the capture of Darko Elez, a well-known Mafia leader of the European country. The woman has been accused of participating in five murders, including that of her former partner. In addition, he is syndicated from several multimillion-dollar thefts and ties to the Mafia.

It appears that Slobodanka had a connection with Darko Elez, who in his confession has involved more than thirty people, including the model, who would have been dragged by Elez into the commission of criminal activities, including the syndication in the theft of more than 4 million pounds, authorities report.

Slobodanka, who also participated in the Bosnian version of the well-known reality show Survivor, was arrested in Croatia, after which she was asked to extradition by the Bosnian country and, if found guilty, the woman could face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

The world’s most murderous miss and playboy
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July 31, 2019

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