The world’s most populous cities

People are leaving the countryside behind to move to the big cities in search of job opportunities and a decent future. For this reason, 56% of the world’s inhabitants live in urbanized regions. In 2051, the percentage of citadinos is thought to increase to 67%.


The largest city in the Chinese country, it has 25 million people. Globally, it is one of the most important cities as far as the commercial field is concerned, as it turns out to be a port of great relevance for the Asian giant.


It is the second largest city with the largest number of inhabitants in the world, with 23,550,000 people. In the last century, because it is the linchpin of Pakistan’s industry and economy, it was for a time its capital.


It’s the capital of China. It has 21,516,000 inhabitants. This megacity has the largest manufacturing companies worldwide.


Like the other big ones, it is also found in Asia. With a population number estimated at 14,723,050 civilians, making it the third most populous city on the planet.


It is a city located in Turkey, with a total of inhabitants of 14,367,020, is not only one of the largest, but also of the most beautiful. It belongs to both the European continent and the Asian continent.


It is a port city located off the coast of Nigeria in Africa with 13,400,000 inhabitants.


The capital of Japan has a population of 13,297,629 citizens and is considered “the most inhabited metropolitan area in the world”. Overpopulation is such that an ordinary apartment measures the titness of 15 m2.


It has a population of 12,655,220 inhabitants. This is the city with the highest number of inhabitants per square kilometer, exactly: 21 thousand people per km2.

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The world’s most populous cities
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