The world’s most tattooed woman

Many people like to tattoo their body to make certain engravings that result from their liking, or as a token of love, by a promise, etc. The truth is that the average usually doesn’t go from one to two tattoos.

The needle passed painting his whole body

However, sometimes the issue goes over the line, and from that Julia Gnuse, a 55-year-old American woman, has been listed by Guinness Records as the living woman with the most tattoos, as she has 95% of her body covered by tattoos.

This woman began to get tattooed to hide a problem that suffered in her skin and left her with quite a few marked scars, until she was completely covered by ink throughout her body.

The technique he has wanted to capture on his skin is known as the body suit, which is a very extensive tattoo, which is performed throughout the body and most of the time, uses the same theme. This technique is quite popular at tattoo festivals worldwide, or in the renowned freak show or freak shows.

This body suit technique was born from a Japanese tradition known as Iresumi, which consists of being tattooed for spiritual purposes and rarely for decorative purposes. It is said that this technique was used from the Paleolithic period with ritual or social objectives.

Julia calls herself the “illustrated lady” and from a young age began to get tattooed; Started with small drawings and today, it has cartoons, famous characters and an impressive amount of images that have not quite coped with the passage of time.

According to psychologists, tattooing is an addictive practice, since people who have tattoos on their body do not settle for having only one, but identify with images throughout their life and capture them on their skin.

The world’s most tattooed woman
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July 27, 2019

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