The world’s oldest mother

The Old Testament tells the story of Sara, an advanced woman of age who had already stopped her period, which is why she could no longer have children. However, after some miraculous interventions she manages to conceive and be a mother.

This woman enjoyed prodigious longevity

In India, however, there is a woman who may well outperform Sara and become the longest woman to become a mother. The fact that a woman has a child at the age of 40 is already a challenge and involves a high-risk pregnancy.

But this is not the case of Rajo Devi Lohan who, in defiance of all odds, managed to have a child at the age of 70, making her the woman more old to become a mother.

To do this Rajo had to undergo an in vitro fertilization treatment, an aspect which he agreed to with pleasure because it was very important for her to have a child and dreamed of it, especially that her previous husband had abandoned her because of the fact that she had not given him a child and , to top it all off, the man had married his younger sister.

But with Bala Ram, their new partner, the situation was different and, although with difficulty, between the two they managed to meet the cost to perform the in vitro treatment. For the woman’s fortune, and with a chance of success of less than 1 percent, she gave birth to little Naveen in 2008. Both mother and son managed to survive after childbirth, although the woman had complications and her health was seriously affected as a result of the whole process.

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The world’s oldest mother
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August 22, 2019

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