The world’s rarest auctions

On the network you can find billions of strange things and of course, there are also thousands of people with very bizarre tastes who can repeatedly spend a lot of money to get items that surely, no one else has in the world.

Next, we’ll look at the rarest auctions on the internet. eBay is a site dedicated to the auction of products over the Internet; one of the pioneering portals in this type of operations, which was founded in 1995 and since 2002, eBay owns PayPal.

Britney Spears used gum

Britney Spears has been a great marketing window and it’s no short, because in 2000, a follower of the singer picked up from the stage floor, a gum that the singer chewed during a concert at Wembley and decided to auction it. The gum reached $14,000. Later, they gave $500 for the sandwich the singer didn’t finish eating.

Four balls swallowed by a python

In 2008, on 11 January, nothing more or nothing less was auctioned, than four golf balls that had been swallowed by a python snake. Obviously, they had to be extracted from his bowel.

The python of this story had mistaken the balls for hen’s eggs and without hesitation devoured them. US$1400 paid for this eccentric item to a group of veterinarians who put them up for sale, along with X-rays and photos of the entire surgical extraction operation. The snake survived the surgery and the customer, an Australian, was very happy to purchase.

Michael Jackson’s Underpants

Pop king Michael Jackson generated billions of dollars in profits, not only for his records, but also for his underpants that sold for a million dollars.

The water left by Elvis Presley was served in a glass

The water that Elvis Presley, supposedly left in a glass during a concert, was sold in June 2008, for the sum of 350 euros.

The liquid was kept by a boy named Wade Jones, who was in charge when Elvis drank water and one of the artist’s bodyguards gave it to him, with water and everything. So Wade put her in the freezer until 1985 and then transferred to a hermetically sealed jar.

The image of the virgin in a sandwich

Around the world, curious and funny foods have always appeared with the faces of some well-known characters; Previously, we’ve witnessed famous cheese sandwiches with the face of SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, but an enigmatic sandwich with the virgin’s face, embodied in a loaf, was sold for almost 25,000 euros. It was also one of the most visited online publications, with 1.6 million views in a single day.

New Zealand for sale

In 2011, an Australian came up with the case of listing New Zealand. He did so by e-Bay, starting from a penny as an offer, to 3,000 dollars obviously, the government of that country was pronounced and it didn’t seem like a joke at all. Obviously, e-bay canceled the auction before closing the sale.

William Shatner kidney stones

Although organ sales are illegal, an American auctioned his liver and when the bid was going for $5.7 million, the authorities canceled the auction. But what could be sold were the kidney stones of William Shatner, Kirk in the famous ‘Star Trek’ series, which sold for a hefty $28,000.

Virginity finish

Catarina Migliorini, a young woman of Brazilian origin, put her virginity up for sale, because she wanted money to travel and know the world. Paradoxically, Migliorini claimed that she is a good woman and would never engage in sex for money.

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The world’s rarest auctions
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