The world’s rarest museums

Worldwide and since 1977 it is celebrated the International Day of Museums every May 18, it is believed that museums are places that house works of art literature and sculpture but there are also those inside its walls that keep objects that are out of the ordinary.

Mysterious secrets are kept in museums

Such is the case of the museum of forgeries located in Paris that curiously located in the Rué de la Contrefacon that translated into Spanish would mean deception. The museum features 300 counterfeit objects including fictional paintings by Salvador Dali and imitations of Giacometti and Van Gogh.

In Washington there is the spy museum and its collection consists of aerial photos taken with cameras placed on pigeons and shoes that were suitable for spying on American diplomats, the museum is very close to the headquarters of the FBI, visitors to the they have to assume an identity role that will be evaluated during the tour by a suspect meter.

The Ramen Museum in Tokyo is set in Japan half a century ago and there are various utensils that throughout history have been used for the preparation of noodles that are the protagonists of Japanese gastronomy. It’s set in the 3rd year of the Showa era.

In the UK we find the star car museum for movie lovers is a place of worship as its collection includes the 1971 Model Ford Mustang Mach 1 and the Toyota 2000GT Convertible which are some of the luxury cars used by the world’s most famous spy James  Bond. Another of the most admired specimens is the Rolls-Royce FAB1 limousine used by Penelope in the Thunderbirds series.

Also in the UK is the crime museum at Scotland Yard which includes everything related to homicidal weapons, serial killers, poisons, robbers and visitors are imbued with the entire criminal world in the oldest museum of its kind.

The collection also features exhibits of crime footprints, ropes that were used to hang many convicts, objects that were used as clues in the search for assassins, and a number of information about Jack the Ripper.

The world’s rarest museums
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August 6, 2019

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