The world’s skintest woman

Thinness, in large part of cases, is synonymous with good food and therefore good health. However, when such thinness becomes morbid it passes from one end to the other and potentially affects health and, aesthetically, is neither attractive nor pleasant.

Beyond being thin

Bulimia and anorexia seem to be the ideal for some women who want to look thin no matter what limit or risk it entails. Or else Valeria Levitin, the woman who is regarded as the skinniest woman in the world, says it.

Valeria was born in 1974 in Russia and has become a infamous icon thanks to her extreme anorexia. In later times the woman managed to venture into the world of modeling without suspecting that, what she saw as a sky, would eventually become a nightmare.

But not only did Valeria have to do with it all, but one of the great culprits was her mother who pressured Valeria from a very young age to be a skinny woman, and the girl grew convinced of thinness as an ideal.

She later moved to the United States to realize her dream of becoming a model, although she felt that to be accepted she had to be thinner, which became a vicious circle, so much so that, at the most extreme point of her anorexia, she came to weigh only 26 kilos , a situation that brought her to the brink of death.

After that episode, the woman reconsidered and became aware of her problem and decided to lead a campaign to help young women with problems with eating disorders and bulimia, among others.

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The world’s skintest woman
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August 25, 2019

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