The world’s smartest dogs

Man’s best friend as domestic dogs that live and live with us daily are popularly known are characterized by providing us with companionship and beyond their physically emotional qualities possess a unique beauty that makes them very special but in the world is also smarter than others.

They just need to talk

The smartest dog of all is the Border Collie is the breed that has won the most contests worldwide and are used to perform any type of task are very child friendly and are excellent vigilantes.

The tender Poodle are a very cheerful breed and with a lot of intelligence so they learn very quickly and have an extremely special bond with their owner and family are not problematic and relate very well to other humans and animals.

The imposing German shepherd is a dog that has 3 outstanding characteristics that are intelligence, strength and character repeatedly has been thought to be very large to have as a pet but are the most complete animals of nature.

The doberman has the bad reputation of being a very violent dog and nothing intelligent but this is totally false since this breed usually has unique skills and this makes them good guardians and they have the ability to learn very quickly what they are taught, the error is in the teaching given to them because it is man’s ignorance that teaches them to be violent and then they can become a real threat to society.

The Australian shepherd was a breed discovered in the nineteenth century and are characterized by being large animals and short hair that weigh 25 kilos and are also well known for their intelligence which is used most of the time to herd cattle.

The Golden retriever is a breed of dogs much loved for its porte and beautiful fur besides this are very strong and affectionate, they are recognized for being excellent lazarillos.

The world’s smartest dogs
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August 6, 2019

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