The world’s strangest phobias

Phobias are human behaviors characterized by intense and disproportionate fear of an object or situation. Here are some of the most surprising phobias:


It is the fear of dolls, it is common and only in some cases it comes to have extreme consequences, people who suffer from it can also develop an extreme fear for robots, mannequins and any object that is a false representation of human beings.


It is the fear to prepare or cook any food and this curious term comes from the Greek mageirokos which means expert in cooking, or more westerna chef, this fear is born of the feeling of incompetence in the kitchen, the people who suffer terribly intimidated by people who possess culinary skills. This phobia can cause severe malnutrition problems if the sufferer lives alone.


It is the irrational panic to be reflected in the mirrors or fear by mirrors, and this disorder consists of a persistent fear of making contact with another dimension or another world through a mirror and is based on superstitions.


It’s the imminent fear of having a conversation while eating.


It is the fear of crossing the street these people usually have to go to live in the countryside thanks to the disorder they suffer because they can not even imagine crossing a street because they immediately experience a panic attack that goes from excessive sweating and to the worst of it case can cause a heart attack.


It is the persistent fear of supernatural beings of evil and that according to those who suffer from it roam freely to cause harm, this excessive panic is reflected in interpersonal relationships because they cannot have normal behavior because they live submerged in the that could happen in the afterlife.

In addition to these phobias, we leave them with an additional lysate must-have with the rarest and most extravagant phobias.

  • autophobia: fear of oneself
  •  vestiphobia: fear of clothing
  •  nomophobia: fear of the cell phone
  •  oneirophobia, somniphobia or hypnophobia: fear of sleep
  •  tanophobia: fear of the sun
  •  photophobia: fear of light
  •  phylophobia: fear of love
  •  xanthophobia: fear of yellow
  •  levophobia: fear of objects on the left
  •  dextrophobia: fear of objects that are right
  •  arachnophobia: fear of people who are afraid of spiders
  •  hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia: fear of long words
  •  technophobia: fear of technology
  •  triscaidecaphobia: fear of number 13
  •  cibophobia: fear of food
  •  gynaphobia: fear of talking to women
  •  lupolipabia: fear of being chased by a werewolf
  •  dendrophobia: fear of trees
  •  fobophobia: fear of fear
  •  anthropophobia: fear of people
  •  aporophobia: fear of the poor
  •  heterophobia: fear of people of the opposite sex
  •  terrophobia: fear of the floor
  • fear of honesty
  •  sciophobia: fear of shadows
  •  chromotophobia: fear of money
  •  Optophobia: fear of opening your eyes
  •  catisophobia: fear of sitting
  •  phagophobia: fear of eating
  •  fronemophobia: fear of thinking
  •  kinesophobia: fear of movement
  •  panophobia: fear of everything

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The world’s strangest phobias
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