The world’s strangest traditions

All over the world there are thousands of cultures and each one, has its own customs that in the eyes of foreigners, may seem very crazy, but that for those who practice them, they can be very normal and attribute them a rather sentimental and emotional value Broad.

The world’s strangest traditions

The Romans and the Deceased

The Romans fed the dead with tubes that they entered into the bodies of the deceased, when they already rested in the tombs; and through that tube, they supplied him with wine, honey and nuts.

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Childbirth in China

In eastern China, a strange habit is still maintained, and it is for the husband to carry his spouse in a state of pregnancy, while crossing a road whose soil is boiling coals. All this in order to give good omen to the process of childbirth.

Strange funerals in New Guinea

But a rare tradition surprises even more, in New Guinea, where when an individual dies,a priest must go to the mourned house of the deceased, to cut a finger of some member.

Hitler died in America at the age of 81

An ingrained custom in the “Mentawai” tribe in Indonesia is that women should be forced to do very painful activities, such as brushing their teeth to appear more sensual. Obviously, that sensuality only attracts the members of that culture.

They eat the dead by tradition

An Amazonian tribe that inhabits the jungles of Brazil and Venezuela, believe that a dead man cannot be buried or leave anything to him. To this end, all family members should eat their ashes and not leave even the memory.

Supposedly, to check if the child’s mother feels true love, in India they perform a very particular test.They throw from the roof about 15 meters, from some temple, to a baby who, most of the time, is rescued by his mother at the time of falling.

A very peculiar Holy Week is lived in the Czech Republic, in which men must pat women on the buttocks. For them, it’s a fertility ritual.

And we closed with the giraffe necks of the Karen tribe, located in Thailand. There the women stretch their necks as elongatedly as possible, with rings that put their hierarchicals and according to them, to make them very attractive to men.

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