The World’s strongest man

Surely all men we would like to have a huge force, something like the Hulk, Superman or Hercules, and certainly would save us more than once. This is something that he understands quite well “the strongest man in the world”.

The World’s strongest man

His muscles have surprised the whole world

The protagonist of this story is Mariusz Pudzianowski, who was born on February 7, 1977, in Poland, and who has been cataloged by the Guinness Records book five times, as “The strongest man in the world”; the last title was obtained in 2008. And it is not in vain is the title of Pudzianowski, who is capable of carrying the trifle of 395 kilos of deadweight. Thanks to this recognition, has come to have several nicknames among which stand out: Dominator, Pyton and Panek.

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Mariusz has a height of 186 cm and a weight of 145 kg. He started getting involved with bodybuilding and weight lifting since he was 13 years old. Recently, it has revealed that the source of its strength comes from malting nutritional supplements.

In addition to lifting weights, this man has ventured into other fields of sport, practicing boxing, rugby, among others. His model to imitate is the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he has managed to open field in the world of entertainment and not just as an actor, but by its immense strength.

In 2005, this restless and strong young man decided to lead a rock band called Pudzian Band, where he was the lead vocalist. In the media she has participated in “Dancing with the stars”, in its seventh version, alongside the prestigious dancer Magda Soszynska Michno. He is currently a fighter of the MMA (mixed martial arts).

And you tell us, how much is the maximum weight you can lift? Congratulations if you raise more than 100 kilos, that is something huge and extraordinary.


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