The world’s tallest woman

Being very tall or very short, for many people it is a psychological yoke, since from school, taunts come and go everywhere. But it’s not the same with the tallest woman in the world.

A strange disease

Rumeysa Gelgi, originally from Turkey, was 17 years old listed as the tallest woman in the world, by the Guinness Records, with a height of 2.13 centimeters.

But Rumeysa’s exaggerated stature is not natural, since she suffers from a very strange disease, called Weaver Syndrome, which is transmitted by genetic inheritance. It is mainly present in male humans and is accompanied by gigantism at all stages of its life and bone maturation, which is notoriously accelerated. This involves many sequelae such as mental impairment, psychomotor atrophy and low quality of life. The causes of evil aren´t yet known.

Extra-large measures

His whole family, with whom he lives, are of normal average height. Because of this anomaly, his motor skills have been severely affected, requiring a wheelchair and a walker to be able to walk. You must have your shoes made in a special way, since each foot measures 30 cms. The hands are not left behind, with a size of 25 centimeters.

From school and everywhere she goes, it is common to be mocked, but she has already managed to overcome this situation with disrespectful people and has achieved a high level of tolerance and understanding of her situation, without affecting her self-esteem.

According to doctors, these high people tend to suffer from heart disease, since the blood requires more effort of the heart, to be pumped through the different parts of the body. But thanks to a relevant and healthy way of life, Rumeysa has also managed to overcome physical obstacles, so medicine has augured many more years of life than initially predicted.

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The world’s tallest woman
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August 31, 2019

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