Theriantropy: men who become animals

Many of us have had the idea of wanting to have the “powers” of some animals or of becoming them. Some psychology experts point out that this is the interest that is in hiding in the stories of vampires, werewolves, witches and so on.

However, the ability to become an animal has been called by official science, such as therianhrosite, the ability or ability to change from human to animal form or inversely.

Similar stories in different cultures

We find in myths and legends, some of the most common examples that give us the spoken and written wealth of many cultures. In addition, records of thernia have been found in cave hieroglyphics and in ancient egyptian scroll drawings. As a curious fact the inquisition in the sixteenth century, claimed to have written evidence of werewolves.

The most popular theriantropics are werewolves (lycanthropes), which our popular culture has reminded us of, both in films and books. It is believed that witches have been given powers to change animal form in the evenings.

One of the animals preferred by them popularly speaking, are cats and birds. In the same way we find vampires, which are a kind of undead, who in addition to feeding on human blood also has the ability to fly and become a bat.

Chinese culture also has the fox who can become human after having lived more than 500 years in a cemetery and is known as kitsune, the fox is considered by Chinese culture as a cunning being, in addition to being the protector of forests and villages. At certain times of the year the Chinese give them offerings.

Greek mythology rich in theorrotropics, gives us some examples of these, such as mermaids (half woman half fish), minotaur (half-man bull), centaurs (half-horse half human), satyrs and faunos (half-male goats) and unevenly of harpies (woman’s face, bird’s body, bear ears and sharp claws).

Theriantropy: men who become animals
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July 28, 2019

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