Things you did not know about Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball

The last generations of boys have grown up watching the great anime series Dragon Ball. Here we present some of the most unusual curiosities of sayayin that has inspired millions of spectators around the world with their adventures.

The animated idol of millions of teenagers

According to some stories that swarm on the web, we find that Goku was a high-ranking deity, before being born as a Sayayin. But when he came to that race he was contaminated with a lot of evil, since the Sayayin were fearsome bloodthirsty and very proud warriors, but reincarnating was the best strategy to adopt a perfect body that would save the Earth from many calamities.

When Goku defeated his last opponent, the dragon of a star returned to become the All Powerful, teleporting to every place he wanted and to fulfill even the craziest of his desires.

When he went down to hell to shake hands with Picoro, he transmitted a great power to become a normal god, with the ability to do what he wants, in addition to leaving hell at will.

The only technique that truly is Goku’s authorship is the “fist of the monkey”, which he would later call “the fist of the dragon”.

Goku could never meet his father, the warrior Bardock, or even King Vegeta, but while fighting against Frieza on the planet Namek, he had a hallucination where he saw them and knew more about their origins.

When he was born, Goku only had a fighting power of 2 and in that case, he was the weakest saiyayin of all. But not only was able to become the strongest man in the universe, but also one of the most loved characters in the anime.


Things you did not know about Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball
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June 1, 2019

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