Three of Swords Tarot card meaning


Named after the Three of Swords, this card comes to occupy the third place of the Suit of Pentacles of the Lesser Arcanes. In this article we will try to make a synthesis about the main symbolic features, as well as on the general interpretations that are attributed to this card by the specialists in this divinatory method.

Based on the tarot rider’s deck, we can see in the illustration of this chart the image of a red human heart, crossed by three sharp swords, which pierce them side by side, opening deep wounds in this organ, always related to the emotions and feelings.

Behind this dramatic image you can see a sky full of clouds and a copious rain, as if it were a strong storm that doesn´t allow the sun to rise anywhere. For the cartomantics specialized in this divinatory method, the Three of Swords represents one of the contentious cards of one of the saddest messages of the Tarot, for it almost always refers to a betrayal or disappointment that literally comes to open up to us great wounds on the heart.


As for the specific plans of existence, this card also has specific meanings. For example in the work level, the presence of the Three of Blades may be making references to possible disappointments, either because the company in which the consultant has invested his time and work, responds with a bad move; or because he discovers that the partner he has trusted all this time has betrayed him, he may be stealing or stunling him.

However, this card reveals strong feelings of affection towards the one who betrays us, for which deception hurts twice as much, for it is not only about the loss of illusion, but of disappointment with regard to a loved one.

However, the strongest meaning of this card can be reflected in the love realm, for it almost always speaks of the discovery of infidelity, either because the consultant finds his loved one in fraganti with his lover, or because he finds evidence inescapable that their love has someone else.

Likewise, this card can talk about the betrayals we suffer from our friends. But whatever the case may be, the Three of Swords not only announces that a betrayal is occurring in the person’s life, but that the consultant is about to discover it, even though it is a truth that threatens to destroy his heart.

It can also refer to a romantic relationship that ends suddenly, when the consultant least expected it, throwing away all the illusions and projects that the person had drawn.

For its part, the economic sphere is also marked by the weight of betrayal. In this sense it can refer to situations where friends, family or the couple are earned by ambition, even over the feelings of the consultant, in order to rob him or cause him an evil, only by the fact of having what the consultant possesses.

It may refer to extremely serious cases, in which, for example, a brother intends to steal from another the house or property that he blindly trusted gave him to care for. It can also refer to people who steal or stifle their partners, regardless of their love for them. Anyway, any situation, that having his birth in evil and the misery of spirit, leads someone to betray that person.

In this case, the pain of the consultant seeing everything done by his loved one can be literally compared to the edge of a sword through the flesh of his heart.

However, the cartomantic experts also warn that the presence of the Three of Swords, and therefore it is important to take into account the cards along with those accompanied, may also be indicating the moment after having suffered a great disappointment or betrayal, in which the consultant may be developing ideas that lead him to harbor vengeful ideas, seeing the possibility of hurting the one who has caused harm.

In this case, the Three of Swords appears to warn these feelings, so that the consultant has the opportunity to remember that everything that comes out of him will return to him multiplied by three, that is, that all the evil he gives, will receive him in exchange.

For health this card also has an important meaning, to take into account, because its appearance within a consultation on the level of the physical condition of the consultant or the person for which he asks – as indicated by the tarotists – almost always refers to heart problems, so it is necessary to seek medical advice as a matter of urgency, as discomforts may be related to some cardiovascular diseases, which can range from simple varicose veins, to thrombosis, infarctions, arrhythmias, Etc.

Therefore, it is important to take the cards in the matter and put yourself in the hands of a professional.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, the Three of Blades also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, i.e. head-in. In this case it doesn´t lose its negative meaning at all, it only announces a postponement.

When the card appears right it speaks of an impending situation, something that is happening or just happened, when the card is inverted it speaks of the principle of a betrayal that will be revealed promptly, just as to hurt the consultant’s heart, seeing how his being loved plays him a trick.

Likewise, it can also refer to the moment after a great pain, in which the consultant slowly heals his wounds, to learn from them, through a process of internalization and forgiveness, knowing that forgiveness does not necessarily indicate continuing next to of the person who hurts us, but not to hold a grudge to him and to go on our way.

Similarly, esoteric experts warn that sometimes the presence of the inverted Three of Swords speaks of some sorcery work launched against the consultant, so he must seek protection in the great power of God.

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Three of Swords Tarot card meaning
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September 18, 2019

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