Tortures and macabre experiments that proved useful

Human beings, throughout history, have sought excuses to generate wars that have always ended in extermination of some peoples, or in nuclear catastrophes that have generated death, malformations, terrible diseases and that to this day are still seen present as is the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Dantesque stages

It seems that war also allows debauchery to select groups of scientists, to develop experiments on their own race, humans.  Many of the discoveries that exist today were thanks to terrible acts of barbarism made by these scientists on men, women and children subjected to war and terror.

One of the terrible experiments we can name was between the first and second world wars, where the Nazis waxed groups of hostages, in color rooms for long periods of time, thus discovering that colors generate feelings or states in people through the subconscious.

For example, in the red room they observed that this color generated anxiety and hunger, to such an extent that the hostages inside the room began after some time of exposure, to eat each other.

Today large food companies have used this color in their establishments and even in their logos. It would be interesting if you looked at some logos online and confirmed it.

Another of the best-known experiments was the use of various chemicals in many hostages, who were then subjected to various tests to identify mental and physical reactions. Many of these substances today are used in medicine to relieve pain or even avoid symptoms of various diseases.

But others are secretly used in food, water and even tobacco to control the world’s population, make it weaker and even to make them sick. It would be nice to reflect on the phrase you’ve probably ever heard that says: the pharmaceutical industry is a business.

Tortures and macabre experiments that proved useful
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July 31, 2019

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