Treasures and incredible objects buried in gardens

Surely many of us have found some objects in our garden, but surely never something as spectacular as any of these objects. Let’s see:

Tesoros enterrados en patios

Nobody imagined it

  1. Several clay vases with 1427 gold coins were found by a couple in Sierra Nevada, which were valued at ten million dollars.
  2. In Canada a man found a plastic bag in the yard of his house and, to his surprise, there was a loaded machine gun ready to fire.
  3. In New Orleans, Louisiana a man was doing an excavation to make a pool when he came across a cemetery from the year 1700.
  4. An unemployed man from Illinois was digging up broccoli in his yard when he found $ 150,000 in cash. However, the man filed the complaint and the owner of the money appeared.
  5. In 2007 in Australia a man who also dug to make a pool found a treasure of approximate age of 650 years with several elements in silver and gold, pearls, fossilized coral, among others.
  6. In 1998 they began to find in Orlando, Florida several bombs belonging to the Second World War in a housing complex. Eventually you would find hundreds of them.
  7. Two sisters were looking for worms to use as bait for fish and found a strange object that could not be identified by a geologist. It was suggested that it would be of extraterrestrial origin and the sisters decided to keep it.
  8. A California man dug with his shovel when he found a huge piece of gold weighing almost 4 kilos. The piece was auctioned and sold for 460 thousand dollars.
  9. In 2013 a man removed the roots of a tree from his yard when he discovered dozens of hand grenades and TNT explosives belonging to the Second World War.
  10. We finish this top with something really even more unusual. In 1978 two children played to dig when they noticed something strange in the earth. It was a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS that had been buried by thieves in an insurance scam. The thieves thought to recover it when the investigation faltered.

Well, that was all, for my part I’m going to dig in the backyard of my house. One never knows what could be found.

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Treasures and incredible objects buried in gardens
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June 30, 2019

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