Twins from different fathers. The world’s strangest births

That a woman can get pregnant with two men at a time is a rather strange situation and, although it only happens on very rare occasions, it can happen.

Pregnant with two men at the same time

And such is the case of Mia Washington, a woman from Texas, UNITED States, when she became pregnant. So far all normal, her pregnancy went uncomplicated and she gave birth to twins.

But right here began the of both the mother and her husband, because there was a problem with the children, and that is that the twins didn´t look alike at all, so the mother went for a DNA test. The result of the tests was that the children were from different parents.

The situation, which only occurs one in a million, is explained why the woman, while going through a crisis with her partner, had sex with another man. After that episode, her partner forgave her and they returned together again and had sex again, which made it possible for both the husband’s and the lover’s sperm to fertilize the egg and leave the woman pregnant.

Her partner, once she learned of the situation, forgave her once again and stated that both children would be treated without distinction, as they were both born inside the home.

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Twins from different fathers. The world’s strangest births
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