Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning


Called Two of Pentacles this card comes to take second place in the suit of Pentacles of the Tarot Lesser Arcanes. On this occasion we want to offer a synthesis of the general interpretations made of it by scholars of this divinatory method, apparently emerging in the light of the Italian Middle Ages.

In this card we can see head on a young man, dressed as a jester, who tries to juggle and keep in balance two large gold coins, each inscribed with a pentacle, which is interpreted by specialists as a symbol of the element Earth, which at the same time is symbolized by the Pentacles suit.

He also holds a foot in the air, as a sign of balance and that he has the situation under control, which seems to corroborate with the expression of his face.

Similarly, symbol scholars agree that the two gold coins are wrapped by the sign of infinity, as if the character of this card wanted to tell us that he can juggle or maintain the balance of the situation all the time he Want. Behind him are a large sea waves, and in them some boats struggling to continue on their way.

So for tarotists this card represents the possibility of maintaining the balance of a situation as long as it is able to maintain flexibility and adapt to the great changes, inherent in being alive. However, it should always be borne in mind that optimism is a good companion, but that it should never be overconfident, because this feeling can make us not see well the opportunities or dangers that we are going through.


In general, this card speaks of good results in the different areas of life, as long as we know how to maintain sufficient balance to solve calmly and properly the problems that arise as we go along. As for the specific planes of existence it also has specific meanings.

For example, in the work area the presence of the Two of Pentaces indicates that moments of change are coming both in the office and in the race, however the changes can be positive, so this card warns the consultant the need to maintain balance .

It also recalls the importance of not filling themselves with obligations, but to go around the inconveniences that come, without these resulting in health problems, by accumulation of stress.

If, on the other hand, the person is unemployed, it is necessary to encourage the obtaining of a job, because he may be feeling that if he has been able to be kept without a salary he can continue to do so.

However, this card also indicates an attitude of naivety, in which the person believes that he can maintain a situation for a long time, without really realizing the disastrous implications that it can bring from not having work stability.

As for the love plane, this card warns of the importance of maintaining proper communication. It also remembers how difficult and naive the belief is to be able to manage several relationships at once, so the consultant is advised to decide on one, and let the others flow, for this situation cannot be maintained to infinity.

If on the other hand the person asking has just ended a relationship, the Golden Two appears in a consultation to remember that what we sometimes see as an end is simply the beginning of new opportunities, so it is better to look forward , to continue to yearn for a past that should not return, for the very benefit of the one who asks.

For the economic level this card launches an alert, as the waves of the sea rise and fall, our finances will walk, so we must maintain the restraint in the face of profit, and not despair at losses, so that our internal balance will help us about and make the best decisions for our economy. However, as always, this card must be analyzed in context, in order to take the exact proportion of your negative or positive message.

If it appears inverted

Like all cards, the Two of Pentacless also has a meaning if it comes to appear headlong within a reading, i.e. inverted. In that case – as pointed out by the experts in Tarot – this chart loses any positive traits and becomes a sign of loss of coordination and balance, so a situation can become unexpected.

Similarly, the appearance of the Two of Bastos warns of tight economic situations, where the consultant will be unable to control his earnings. It also gives an account of a moment of low energy and enthusiasm, so that you must remain calm, so as not to fall into anguish or depression.

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Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning
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