Two of Swords Tarot card meaning


Known as Two of Swords, this card ranks second on the Sword of the Tarot Minor Arcane suit. In this article we want to present a summary of the interpretations attributed to this deck by symbol scholars, as well as tarotist experts.

Based on the deck of Rider’s Tarot, in this card we can see head-on the figure of a woman, who sits, with her back to the ocean, blindfolded, and arms crossed.

In each hand he holds a great sword. According to the cartomantics specialized in this divinatory method, the woman in this card has voluntarily decided to sell her eyes, perhaps with the intention of reflecting an attitude of balance.

The sea behind it is calm, however some rocks arise, which may be pointing out problems, obstacles or mere concerns that invade the mental landscape of the consultant.

Similarly, in the sky, in the upper right corner, you can see a small moon that is in the fourth growing phase, and that for some is totally related to the moon in a crescent room that lies at the feet of the Priestess, thus indicating the need that we always have to be in touch with our emotions and intuitions, to be able to see beyond the obvious, to know how to choose what is really in our styling.

Likewise the way in which she holds the swords is seen by the symbol specialists as a clear sign of this woman’s intentions to cover and protect her emotions, because she has her arm crossed right on her chest.

In this way, it does not allow any feeling to be born or come out of your heart, nor does it allow it to enter. In this sense, the woman in this card – as she has done voluntarily with her eyesight – has also decided to close the way to her heart. Likewise, in this card, swords – as stated by the symbology specialists – point to the barriers that the consultant may be placing between him and the world.Thus the Two of Swords gives an emotional block and the impossibility

– imposed by ourselves – to come into contact with the others around us.

Likewise this card – like all Two – can indicate a certain duality or dissociation between our way of acting and our way of thinking, so it also speaks of an internal division that may be bringing us quite a few impediments to ordering our emotions, or of relating to our fellowmen.

Either way, this situation puts obstacles in our way when it comes to realizing our projects. Similarly, he speaks of a blockade of the truths that life imposes, as if somehow the consultant refuses to listen to his own life.


As for the specific planes of existence, the Two of Swords also has specific meanings. For example in the field of work, this card may refer to the inability of the consultant to make a decision.

In this way, the Two of Swords may be referencing a time when a situation should be left behind and simply not counted in the courage to do so. However, some cartomantics point out that perhaps this postponed decision is the most positive thing the consultant can have, as emotions are not at their most balanced point.

For his part, this card speaks of a rather affected emotional plane, where the consultant is reluctant to let his feelings flow. As for sentimental relationships, the Two of Swords gives an account of a stage of great clashes and discussions, the product of a struggle of powers, which leads nowhere.

In this sense, it is recalled about the importance of establishing a truce and suspending discussions until the period of confusion and emotional blockage has passed, otherwise you may fall into the risk of saying things that we will regret later. Likewise, this card emerges as a warning to the consultant to break with the attitude of avoiding feeling or receiving demonstrations of affection, for what makes us human beings is precisely our sensitivity.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, the Two of Swords also has a specific meaning if it comes to appear within an inverted reading, that is, head. In this case you may get to take even more negative traits than when it appears right.

In this way, the Inverted Two of Swords reports a conflict that sustains the consultant with someone around him, may be his boss, a co-worker, his partner or children; and with which he maintains a constant confrontation.

Likewise, this card speaks of a great internal division that causes decisions to be postponed, so we must let our emotions flow, as a first step that leads us to the acceptance of them, so that we know ourselves and be able to clarify our mental plane.

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Two of Swords Tarot card meaning
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