Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Named Two of Wands, this card occupies the second place of the suit of wands of the Tarot’s lesser arcane. In this article we will try to make a synthesis of the interpretations made of this card by experts and scholars of this divinatory method emerged in Italy in the light of the Middle Ages.

In this card – based on the deck of the Tarot Rider – we can see a very well-dressed man, who watches towards the horizon, from the viewpoint of a luxurious castle. Next to him is accompanied by two wands. According to the experts in symbology, the basto on the left represents our inner plane, that is, our intuition.

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It is noteable that just this little thing is held by the hand of the man of our card. Also on his right side there is a stick, which in the light of some interpretations refers to the active part as well as to the external planes of our existences. Likewise, in this card, we can see that man holds in his right hand a globe, as if he had in his hands that which he observes in the distance.


According to general interpretations, the card of two of Wands refers to the courage and courage of the consultant or the person for which he is wondering. Likewise, most of the experts in Tarot agree that this card from the Lesser Arcanes is equivalent to the card of The Wizard in the older arcanes, as it represents the possibility of successfully embarking on the path as it has the blessing of the four Elements. It also refers to the creativity and vision with which the person counts as attributes.

However, the appearance of this card also indicates the individual’s need to unify his passions and desires in life, for it cannot continue if only one of the two sticks is chosen. That is, it is not possible to move forward by taking one’s sense only in intuition (the inner) or only in the action (the external) but it is necessary to walk using these two planes, because its fusion is the one that allows us to have a unified idea of the world and the things that should you do.

As for the specific plans of existence, the appearance of this card also has its precise interpretations. For example, in the workplace, the presence of Two of Wands announces the arrival of important opportunities that will bring growth. It also announces the signing of contracts and the establishment of partnerships that will achieve the dreams and objectives set. It also speaks of a stage of great creativity and achievement of goals.

Personally, the presence of this card speaks of a period in which the consultant is interested in achieving balance, as well as making the right decisions that lead him to achieve peace, harmony and comfort.

If instead our reading is focused on achieving the identification of a person, the presence of the Two of Wands tells us about a person who constantly works to obtain his own comfort and comfort. This card also speaks of the desire to draw new horizons or to make journeys to unfamiliar lands.

However, it should be noted that the Two of Wands sometimes (and therefore must be taken into account the cards with which it is accompanied) also appears announcing unexpected events that are about to occur, and in which the consultant must make aplomb of all his knowledge, intuition, creativity and capacity for action, so as not to fall into despair and make the right decision that will lead him to overcome any fortuitous circumstance.

In this sense, the presence of the Two of Wands warns us about the importance of making the right decisions, especially in the field of work, because ignoring our intuition and experience can put us at risk of making bad decisions, which we put in a position to lose business, jobs and money. Also, also analyzed in context, the Two of Wands may be realizing a stage of boredom on the part of the consultant, which makes him feel wanting to see new horizons, both physical and spiritual.

If it appears inverted

Likewise, like the other cards in this divinatory method, the Two of Bastos also has specific interpretations if it comes to appear inverted within a card reading. In this case, according to the opinion of most tarotists, the consultant’s worst enemy is the spiritual and creative boredom he experiences at the moment, which does not let him see clearly the direction the person wants to follow.

In the event that the consultation is directed towards the love plane, the presence of the Two of Wands may indicate a stage of confusion on the part of the consultant or the person for which he is asked. Likewise, this card gives an account of a stage where the individual feels that the time has come to put their ideas in order, without anyone influencing it. Likewise, the appearance of this inverted card may refer to the person being influenced by political or religious beliefs or dogmas that violate his freedom of expression and thought.

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