Vlad Tepes and the story of Dracula

We’ve all grown up listening to Dracula’s magnificent legends or watching the movies in which this sinister bloodsucking character is immortalized by absorbing the blood of his victims, but did it ever exist, or is he just a legend?

Dracula la leyenda jamas contada

Dracula the legend never told

To everyone’s amazement, the curious thing is that it did exist. His name: Vlad Tepes, better known as The Impaler and as Dracula was Prince of Wallachia, now what is southern Romania. This sinister character, perhaps materialized from one of the worst horror nightmares, was born in the middle of the Middle Ages, in the year 1428.

His nickname the Impaler is basically due to one reason: his mania to impal anyone he thought had committed some kind of crime or his rivals defeated, over whom he had no mercy.

Vlad Tepes sent to cross with a stick through men, women, children, elders, nobles or commoners, from the rectum to the mouth and, literally, liked to go out to see the cemetery of empalados where hundreds of his victims remained crossed and over the who were already beginning to carrion the vultures.

However, in life Vlad Tepes was also known by another name, and that in the end would be the one who would immortalize him and leave his name in history: Dracula, who in Romanian means son of Dracula and who, according to some ethtimologists, means Dragon.

Vlad, like his father Vlad II, was a tireless fighter against Turkish expansionism, against the Ottoman Empire that threatened not only to take his wallachian country, but also the rest of Europe. Thanks to his father’s exploits, the king of Hungary would have donated huge land in the Transylvanian region, which he would also ultimately come to favor Vlad Tepes, who would eventually settle there, in an imposing castle atop a mountain surrounded by acan lindens and that, virtually, was an impassable fortress.

Vlad Tepes’ name really was Vlad Draculea and his character so bloodthirsty and cruel to his enemies and traitors was what inspired Bram Stoker to create his legendary character of the vampire Count Dracula, whose life is full of victories, setbacks , blood, vengeance, betrayal and much, but a lot of blood.

But why in the form of a vampire? Legend has it that in the Middle Ages the rumor circulated, mainly through the lands of Transylvania, of the existence of beings that could prolong their lives by sucking the blood of the living at night. And in this way, the ideal candidate was Vlad Dracul, the master of Transylvania who not only immortalized himself in history, but is also considered today as a national hero in Romania.

It’s a must-see film by Bram Stoker. Its soundtrack has been rated as one of the best in the history of cinema. It’s a whole story of love, terror, drama and suspense. The legend of vampires has remained very much in force to this day.

Tell us if you believe in vampires and if you liked this legendary story. Do you think a dead person can become a vampire?

Vlad Tepes and the story of Dracula
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June 26, 2019

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