War poems

War is one of the most devastating aspects of humanity and has claimed millions of lives throughout history; however, it has also been an essential part of poetry. Some short poems about armed conflict, war.

Eyes and massacre

EYES AND MASSACRE There is one eyes that see me, still uncerraable, still palpable; they speak to me with the movement of their pupils, tell me that it is not yet too late, they shelter me under their naked membranes; decay, they close. There are eyes that speak, that want, that are extinguished in the midst of the massacre.

War is that

WAR IS ESA that hurts your eyes, that you are born in the muscles and you make an axe in search of heads. War is having a worm in your heart. And a world full of flames because bonfires have been swept out within you. War is more than a fever that disturbs us the […]

What is war?

WAR, fierce tunnel of tremors, abyss higher than a mouth; legacy of the ruins of the world, of the most terrible cold, of long and anguished nights. War on blood, war lit in this forest full of wet hearts, wet kisses, souls who in vain mourn their sad time. In you everything […]

The desolation of war

SECOND DESOLATION We have seen you, so bowed to the blood that the world is broken in caves of mound and man.   We have heard you rolling in the streets, in the poison-filled cars that tear things apart, in the land made a seedbed of frightened eyes, with all the anguish entangled in […]

Something about war and peace

SOMETHING ABOUT WAR AND PEACE “If war and vengeance were to leave peace, long ago our heart would be calm” War is not in the weapons that man makes, but in the knives of his own heart.   War is not a lit fire, a noise of cannons and […]


I have brought you, my life, the rocks holed, I have brought you the shot in the cheeks and the common fire in which trees are hanged[…]

War poems
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August 31, 2019

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