Water summary

Water is the main element that humans and planet Earth are made of. The single human body is 75% water, so this liquid is fundamental to the existence and good health of the body.

Vital liquid is also magical

This water, in the case of humans, is distributed in the intracellular and extracellular. The latter is the one that is immersed in the blood and bathes the tissues. When cells are extracting energy from nutrients, small amounts of water are generated.

The chemical formula of water is H2O. This indicates that it consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, bound by the action of two covalents. The water molecule has a neutral charge, or mejo said, It has equal number of protons and equal number of electrons. This trait classifies it into a polar molecule, leaving the electrons attracted to Oxygen and protons, to Hydrogen.

Another of the characteristic properties of water, is that it has an excellent solvent action, and that is why it is called the universal solvent. The causes of the above are due to the ability of the liquid to form hydrogen bridges and thanks to this, it is in the liquids of the organism where the metabolic reactions indispensable for life occur.

These hydrogen bridges cause molecules to cluster tightly together, creating a compact structure; which is why it is a liquid that official science has not yet been able to fully understand. It can be shaped anyway, but it can compress us and this is another miracle of nature, because there are animals with water skeletons called “hydrostatics”.
Continuing with the properties, water is found to be a terrible heat accumulator, which breaks down hydrogen bridges and that’s why it heats up slowly. For planet Earth, as for the human body, this property of water allows global and physical temperature to remain stable and constant.

Water is a magical substance of the Universe, where it comes all life. There, in the midst of the inner waters of our human machine, all the reactions are carried out that allow us to be alive here and now.

As a consequence of the other peculiarity is its high evaporation capacity, body heat is regulated by sweat, which is water, or by mucous membranes when it is very cold. But when the heat is high, the water evaporates out through the skin.

Not only is it the only means by which cells extract energy and perform their biological processes, but it is also the means of communication between them. If someone does not consume the minimum amount of water needed per day and with the relevant quality and purity, their health would immediately become unbalanced and lead to possible diseases.

Obviously, when physical exercise is performed, when we have a fever, or the heat is unbearable, the amount of water that should be consumed, must be much higher. Doctors recommend that under normal conditions of everything, at least eight glasses should be taken daily. 

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Water summary
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July 14, 2019

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