Whale Curiosities

Whales are one of the most beloved marine mammals by humans because they are beautiful in their shape and way of behaving.  The whales’ skull measures one-third of the total length of their body, so if a whale measures 17 meters long its skull would have a diameter of 5.5 meters this is perhaps one of the reasons for its undoubted intelligence.

Huge aquatic mammals

Its nostrils are known as spiracls and are located on the head and vary according to the type of whale as there are only one that have two spiracos on its head.

That hole is quite famous because when they expel water it becomes quite a spectacle for the lucky spectators who have witnessed it, this water is accompanied by mucus and it is as if they sounded or sneezed.

Despite possessing gigantic nostrils the smell in these beautiful animals is not very developed and the vision is also not very good so they communicate by sounds despite not having vocal cords. Each herd or family group of whales possesses its particular song and the melodies repeatedly extend for almost 30 minutes.

These wonderful mammals have a very important feature for the subsistence of their species as they are cosmopolitan and can survive in any environment and withstand the iciest waters despite being warm-blooded mammals because, among others, things, they have a huge layer of fat that allows them to isolate the cold.

The smallest whale can be 2.5 meters long and can reach 275 kilos in weight while larger whales such as the blue whale, reach 30 meters in length and reach 200 tons in weight which equates to about 30, that is, whales are huge beings that live in the oceans of the entire planet. The gestation of the whales lasts twelve months and have a life expectancy of between 30 and 90 years depending on the species.

Whale Curiosities
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August 14, 2019

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