What are they called: extraterrestrials or Martians?

The ufology, the UFO phenomenon, Osni, Veds, life outside the earth, etc., even though it is not yet officially admitted by governments, it is in vogue, booming among people, and easy to realize. is, for example, search on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But, if there were life outside the earth, what would we call those beings?

The ufology, the UFO phenomenon, Osni, Veds, life outside the earth, etc., even though it is not yet officially admi...

What are they called: extraterrestrials or Martians?

This article is only intended to make clear the concepts to refer to life outside our planet Earth, because I have noticed very often that they still make gross mistakes while still using the word Martian. Let’s see:

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It is correct to call extraterrestrial to everything that is outside the planet Earth, whether it be life or rocks, etc. However, the terms are also valid: extraterritorial, ultraterritorial, ultraterranean, or outer.

Given that the industry has sold us an elaborate image of the aliens and, given that it is possible for us to hear the word extraterrestrial we form a certain concept in the mind, it would be preferable to make use of any of the three terms already mentioned. Personally, I prefer the word outer space, “outer life,” “outer beings,” etc.

But what about the Martians? The word Martian should be used only to refer to life or elements of the planet Mars. For example: “the Martian elements”, “the Martian surface”, etc.

Let’s see it better by planets

Moon: lunar, or lunatic
Mercury: mercury
Venus: Venusian
Sun: solar
Mars: Martian
Jupiter: Jupiterian
Saturn: Saturnine
Uranus: Uranian
Neptune: Neptunian
Pluto: plutonian

As we see, it is incorrect to call them Martians to all the extraterrestrial elements, because we do not have evidence that their origin is from Mars. In that order of ideas, it is as much as if someone from the Pleiades told us “Martians”, when we are really “terrestrial” or “terrestrial beings”.

But let’s see it in another way. If we lived in the sun we should call everything that exists outside the sun, or that comes from outside the sun like this: extrasolar. And if we lived on Jupiter: extrajupiterian. And so on … extravenusian, extramartian, etc. With this it is clear why both words.

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