What baseball is all about

Baseball, in English ,” is a bat-and-field-listed sport, where there is no relationship between the teams participating in the game.

A fabulous sport

The idea is to manage to travel more races than the rivals, over nine innings that make up a match. An inning is completed when one team has made a turn with the bat and another defending, conversely. Thus, at the end of the match each of the teams has defended and attacked for nine times.

There is no normative duration for a baseball game. Each player cannot bat more than once per inning.

Constitution of the teams:

There are nine players per team, in addition to the reserves: catcher, pitcher, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, right field, Leith fielder and center fielder.

Only one ball and one bat is required. The most common and recommended is to wear gloves, appropriate hard balls and helmet. In professional matches it is mandatory for the catcher to wear a peto, knee pads and mask.

Features of the elements:

Bate: preferably made of wood although it can also be made of aluminum or plastic weighing about 450 grams.

Ball: can be foam, leather or rubber.

Glove: Each player can wear a glove; however, it is not a prerequisite. There are those who choose to play without him.

The pitch is a square of 18 meters, or 0.8 hectares of side, on which the respective bases are located. The terrain must be homogeneous and properly leveled, covered with grass, except the lines of the corridors and the area where the launch takes place, which should be a ground hill.

A pitcher then throws the ball towards the batter, who must answer. If he manages to hit, the batter starts running through the three bases, each 33cm x 33cm, until the goal is reached. But yes, he should never be touched by the ball. In case you have blainted the three bases without being struck by the ball, then a race has been crowned for the team.

But when the runner reaches the pitcher and strikes him with the ball, he’s out. When three outs are completed, the attacking team becomes attacked and must defend itself. I mean, he bats and the other spear.

When both defense and attack turns have been completed, an entry has been completed. Obviously, the winner is the team that has won the highest number of runs during the nine innings. In case of a tie, and play until you get a winner.

Pitchers are entitled to miss three times, because the fourth failed, defensive team batsman advances by law, a base. For the pitch to be approved and correct, the ball must be thrown at a height between the armpits and knees of the punter.

If the batter fails more than twice, he is eliminated. But if you launch correctly, you are entitled to three possibilities:

  1. Let the ball fall without the other team catching it in the air, because if so, the batter is left out.
  2. If the ball does not reach the playing area it is considered a strike or foul for the batter.
  3. If the ball is hit by the bat very hard and passes over the playing area, pushing the boundaries of the ground, it is a home run or home run, which allows all hitters on the bases to run and advance towards the finish line. Each would complete a race for their team.
What baseball is all about
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June 30, 2019

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