What is the new world order

The New World Order. This is called a reign and rather obscure plans by the global elite, which have been taking place for several centuries and at this moment, is in one of its maximum expressions, about to be established, according to the scholars of the biggest conspiracy in the world.

A plan forged centuries ago

But to be able to establish it, in accordance with the Protocols of the Sages of Zion and the same characters who have said they want to implement a new world order, like George W. Bush and his father, George H. Bush, who publicly warned that it would be necessary to a great chaos for order to arise. Apparently, the chaos has been gradually spreading, thanks to the actions carried out by the active members of the secret society of the Illuminati, the possible direct responsible for these plans.

According to the investigations that several journalists have carried out in this regard, the conspiracy had its origins in the Enlightenment era and began to develop the agenda items of the Protocols of Sion, exterminating all kinds of monarchies, which were the class of government that previously governed. Currently, they have implemented the supposedly democratic model.

The New World Order aims to create a different humanity, with very few inhabitants, so within its plans is the global depopulation, the main point of the protocols, in addition to a single world currency, a single police, a single government, a single authority, a dictatorship and a single religion: Marxist materialism.

This document, considered by the Russians as an anti-revolutionary propaganda, proposes that if we remove the successive layers that cover the causes of all the ills and problems of all areas, social, political, health, etc., we find a central group that it generates and expands everywhere, with the aim of destroying established governments and orders, generating a global chaos of insecurity and then, when everyone feels insecure and sees that everything is wrong, they would supposedly implant the New World Order.

The investigative journalists of the conspiracy have warned that this central group is constituted mainly by Jewish Zionists, whom Hitler initially wanted to exterminate, but strangely turned out to be serving his Machiavellian plans. In addition, analysts say that these Zionist Jews control everything behind current governments and are communists, Freemasons, anarchists, Satanists, among others.

On the one dollar bill under the symbolic pyramid of the secret society of the Illuminati, says Novus Ordo Seculorum, which means: New World Order.

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What is the new world order
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June 1, 2019

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