What was the name of old Ireland?

Ireland, officially the Republic of Ireland, is a country located in the northern part of Europe. Its capital is Dublin. The official language is Irish and English. It has a population close to five million inhabitants.

The old name of Ireland

The Emerald Island has known many and very diverse names throughout history. One of the first peoples to refer to it was the Roman who baptized it initially as “The land of ice”. This is because the island was long covered by ice, in the era of that name.

However, the old name that most sounds to all of us and the one we can read in the Irish euro coins is “Eire”. In Old Irish it means the land of Eiru, who was a queen, wife of King MacGreni.

In ancient times, the Irish were distinguished for carrying an activity focused mainly on hunting and gathering. Later they would build megaliths, among which important Celtic monuments are known.

The first inhabitants called Celts, arrived in these lands around the year 1600 BC. The Celts were divided into Irish territory in four provinces: Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster. Prior to this, Irish society was constituted by the Tuatha, as they called the small kingdoms, all ruled by a monarch referred to as the Great King.

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What was the name of old Ireland?
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June 12, 2019

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