When the fridge or refrigerator didn’t exist: old cooling methods

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors refrigerated food? Refrigerators are necessary for food preservation and to keep nutritional properties fresh erdin.

These techniques can still work for us

Cold and heat are necessary for the survival of the human race so since ancient times methods were used that are now unknown but that we should put into practice again so as not to continue abusing electricity.

Formerly there was the ice house which was a construction created solely and exclusively to store large amounts of ice and snow had the appearance of buildings that were built near places where there was a lot of winter ice as in lakes or Mountains.

The ice was stored during the winter and could last up to a frozen year using sawdust and straw to compact it. These buildings could hold up to 3 tons of ice.

The yakhchal is a resource of Arab origin that is still used and is very similar to the ice house because it serves to store snow during the winter but in addition to this the yakhcal is built with materials that insulate the heat so the outside temperature doesn´t affect  how it works. This method could not only store food at the top but also used the floor because it had a large hole dug at great depth.

Snow was a great tool for the population that had resorts throughout the world, it was transported and marketed to provide well-being and comfort but was affordable only for people who had a way to pay for it.

On the other hand, one of the oldest methods for food conservation is salt that allows food to be “momified” so that it stays fresh for longer. The society in which we live has undergone great transformations and this is just a sign of the immense creativity of humans.

When the fridge or refrigerator didn’t exist: old cooling methods
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August 14, 2019

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