Who invented medicine

Certainly, it is not possible to say for sure who was the first inventor of medicine, but you do have a lot of data on how in the most remote years of humanity began to be used to cure people’s diseases.

Certainly, it is not possible to say for sure who was the first inventor of medicine, but you do have a lot of data ...

Who invented medicine

The first thing to say is that they weren’t cured with chemicals, pharmacists, drugs, or anything artificial like that. The medicine arose when men realized that the plants had healing properties and that each has a proper preparation, management and specialty.

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Since immemorial times, man has questioned himself about his true origin and the truth about the mysteries of life and death, including the causes of why we become sick.

It is believed that the first Earthic inhabitants divided medical knowledge into two complementary branches: the first, in the specialty of the proper management of plants for nature’s remedies. The second is magical shamanic practices of a spiritual nature, which with energy can heal anything.

One of those we could call as the first exponents of the study of medicine, is Alcmeón de Crotona, who lived five centuries before Jesus Christ and managed to argue that diseases were caused by the influence of various external agents, likely to be changed and modified.

But this, speaking in terms of modern medicine, because it must be taken into account that humanity lives on this planet millions of years ago and logically possessed secrets and techniques of medicine.

Thanks to studies carried out by the science of Paleopathology, which is responsible for analyzing the pictographs that capture the healing methods of skeletons and skulls, as well as the ancestral surgical tools, it led to the knowledge of the prehistoric medical practice.

The most serious and strange pathologies were the focus of attention of those primitive researchers, who,however, could not cure them, sought to analyze them to understand them and find a cure for such ills.

But because they were shaman men who were knowledgeable of the energy sciences who are now hidden, they considered the disease to come from the influence of evil entities or demons.

So the solution and relief of these painful physical sufferings was in the practice of rituals, dances, sacrifices, spells, spells, and other esoteric activities.They also prepared magic potions that caused the patient to vomit, wherehe expelled the curse that made him sick, just as they made a hole in his skull, where the demon or entity fled.

The ancient Egyptian doctors

Anthropology and Archaeology have provided crucial data on the origin of Medicine, attributing much of these beginnings and booms to the early Egyptians, who also dabbled in the healing of the disease through magic but also, plants and in-depth reflective analysis of the various pathologies.

In the Third Dynasty of the Pharaohs, the Egyptian physician was formed as a kind of research scientist, who unlike the druid or the shaman priest, employed reason, analysis and experience of physical ills. Imhotep, is one of the first doctors registered by official science, who lived more than 4800 years ago. He was not only a physician, but also an astrologer, military warrior and pyramid builder architect.

In the different temples medical classes were taught, in which he learned to diagnose through a detailed interview with the patient, as well as tests done with touch. But it was always seen in all cultures, not only in Egyptian, the use of natural medicines such as fruits, vegetables and plants. For example, to cure constipation, they used figs, vegetable oils and dates.

Dentistry, according to the writings of the Greek Herodotus, emerged there in ancient Egypt and gave it a high medical priority. Another of the great exponents of ancient medicine was Tales of Miletus, another Greek who traveled to Egypt, in the 7th century BC.

It is that in various scenarios of the Earth, in the various ancient times, medicine evolved satisfactorily. Splendid times of the Greeks, Mesopotamians, Romans, Chinese, Tibetans, Hindus, Arabs, Europeans, Asians and Native Americans, marked the beginnings of Medicine.

Specifically, there is very little left of the ancestral medical knowledge and official medicine prevailing at this time, it is based on the mass production of pharmacists,which are chemicals packed and processed by private laboratories and Independent.

But if you are to find who invented Medicine, there is no choice but to trace these primitive beings, especially in Egypt but also in Mesopotamian cultures, as in Babylon and Assyria, where they produced more than 500 natural drugs, many of them from them of mineral origin. As if that weren’t enough, the study of dreams linked him to the study of the origins of diseases.

Much of this topic is clear from what to talk about, such as the great drug discoveries they made in ancient Egypt. However, we will leave it for upcoming articles.

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