Why we do not remember dreams?

Saying outright that we do not remember dreams really is a generalization because there are people who do remember them and quite clearly, with the smallest details.

Everything is a matter of conscience

Likewise, there are also practices for each day to improve memory, especially one focused on oneiric experiences. In fact, trying to remember them every day will increase progressively. However, there is a marked tendency to not remember dreams when we wake up. Why does it happen? Why do not we remember dreams?

Actually, there are many reasons why we do not remember dreams. But for now, we will tell you some of its main causes. The first and main cause is because in the day, while we are in the state called wakefulness, we remain in a continuous internal dialogue that distances us from the present moment and from everything that is happening around us. In such a way, that when entering the world of dreams, we do exactly the same thing: think and think, without realizing that we are there.

This process that frustrates the memory of oneiric experiences, is coupled with the fact that when we wake up in this world again, that is to open our eyes after a deep sleep, we move and start again with the incessant dialogue of worries, commitments, etc., instantly losing any trace of our activities in the astral dimension.

We must bear in mind that the soul leaves the body at the moment of sleep, as the esotericists and scholars of the infinite human possibilities, such as Metaphysics, assure us.

Likewise, it must be taken into account that most of the dreams occur in the REM phase and that it is precisely those that we least remember because we are in a state of almost unconsciousness, and we only remember more easily when the dream is more light, when we are closer to the time of awakening.

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Why we do not remember dreams?
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June 1, 2019

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