Wine-based Christmas cocktails

Usually, the Christmas festivities are accompanied by toast, where the main protagonist is champagne, or sparkling wines, however, for those who want to innovate, and accompany their celebration with other drinks there will always be a wide range of fun, delicious and original options.

Wine and Christmas

One of these cases is wine, an alcoholic beverage that in all its presentations, colors and varieties, is revealed as a great option for Christmas celebrations, whether in the area where this season is spent it is cold or hot. However, the only option is not to drink wine alone, which is also a delicious experience, but more wine-based cocktail proposals emerge every day from bar and cocktail experts.

Christmas cocktails

In this way, specialized portals and drinks cards are full of options and ideas that can be prepared in the privacy of the home, to accompany and brighten the meeting nights with friends and family. Some of these recipes will be as follows:


With a name that seems conducive to the Christmas celebration, this cocktail becomes the ideal choice for those who spend these holidays in lands where instead of winter, summer reigns, since in addition to looking quite chic and Christmas, for its color, it’s a refreshing experience.

When preparing this drink, it will be necessary to have at hand the following ingredients: one (1) handful of ice / one (1) lemon / one (1) orange / one (1) teaspoon of powdered sugar / and a half ( 1/2) glass of Burgundy wine.

When all the ingredients are available, they should be placed in a shaker, where the powdered sugar, half-lemon juice and orange juice will be poured, stirred vigorously, and served directly in the glass where the cocktail will be served. Two ice cubes will be added, and completed with the wine. Some bartenders advise decorating the glass with a thin slice of orange or lemon, which will be placed inside the drink, or on the edge of the glass, if preferred.

Margarita rose wine

For their part, cocktail lovers with personality can find a great option is this drink, with which in addition to having an elegant image, you will have a delicious flavor, with a citrus aroma. To prepare this cocktail you will need to have the following ingredients: four (4) ounces of rosé wine / one (1) ounce of tequila / medium ( 1/2 ) ounce of triple sec / one (1) slice of lemon.

For preparation, ice, lemon juice, wine, tequila and triple sec will need to be poured into the shaker. The preparation will be vigorously shaken, then serve in a cocktail glass, which must have been first frosted with lemon and salt. If you wanted a slightly sweeter cocktail you could also add a spark of syrup or gum syrup.

Spritzer white wine

Also, lovers of wine and simplicity will find a special moment in the flavor of Spritzer White Wine, a cocktail that combines the flavor of white wine with the citrus of lemon. To prepare it it will be necessary to have at hand the following ingredients: eight (8) ice cubes / two (2) cups of white wine / one and a half (1 1/2) cups of lemonade / two or three slices of lemon. This recipe is intended for four people, if you wanted to make it for only one person, you will have to divide the ingredients by 4, in order to calculate how much of them are needed for a single drink.

At the time of production, it is enough to divide the wine in equal parts in four glasses for white wine. Ice and lemonade will be added immediately. If you wanted, you could replace the white wine with some sparkling wine, or even prepare the lemonade with sparkling water. Also, the inside of the glass can be decorated with some lemon slices, or with a spiral of lemon peel.

Ponche Fidel

Finally, for those who instead spend Christmas in places where it is quite cold, the Ponche Fidel is a delicious, elegant and fun option to accompany a Christmas evening, while providing the body with energy and vitamins. To prepare it it will be necessary to have three (3) lemons / two (2) liters of black tea / one (1) cup of sugar / six (6) ounces of brandy / six (6) ounces of Cuban rum / six (6) ounces of red wine / chopped ice.

When preparing this drink, it will be necessary to prepare the tea and mix it with a lemon zest, letting it rest and cool for at least about fifteen minutes. In addition, the rest of the ingredients will be mixed. When the tea has cooled, both preparations will be mixed, and you are ready to serve the guests. You can garnish this drink with cinnamon twigs. 

These are a delight especially when sharing with loved ones and friends. If you liked this article, share it on your social networks and tell us your opinion about the subject, in the comments box.


Wine-based Christmas cocktails
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September 21, 2019

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