World’s most dangerous drug: skin falling to pieces

Today’s society has invented drugs for a variety of elements to cause harm and self-destruction, including hallucinogens and drugs of all colors and even flavors. But no doubt, so far nothing had come this far. And possibly nothing goes through this in a long time.

Drugs are becoming more dangerous

As if it were a horror movie, the aftermath of the drug Korokodril outperforms those of heroin, generating a zombie effect on the consumer’s skin; that is, it falls to pieces completely rotten.

Krokodril or the crocodile drug, comes from Russia, where several young people prefer the pleasure of its effects, to its physical integrity. The effects are terribly tragic: it pulverizes the bones and teeth and turns the skin into greenish rotten flesh that is falling apart.

The destructive power of this drug triples those of heroin and is manufactured with several ingredients, some of which are very common and even for domestic use. It is a synthetic opiate and its ingredients melt in order to transform it into a liquid substance.

This drug is also known as desomorphine and it is estimated that the drug addicts of this narcotic, exceed s100 thousand. Krokodril has already made his journey from the old continent to the new continent, has arrived in the United States and is feared that it will soon spread from there to Latin countries.

This type of drug is especially desired by adolescents and, among them, highlight those who have some kind of revulsion to life, even with suicidal characteristics and / or who want to experience pain and die slowly. It has also been associated with its use in certain sects.

World’s most dangerous drug: skin falling to pieces
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July 27, 2019

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