Zombie apocalypse could fail, are they turning us into undead?

These days, the insistence on the themes of zoombies and a possible apocalypse, with the undead, is increasing, even in the surprises of ice cream.

Zombie apocalypse could fail, are they turning us into undead?

A plan that could be being carried out

According to some research guilds, the hidden Zionists who run the system, within their macabre and obscure agenda of the destinies of humanity,is to turn the entire population into people without reason, infected with a lethal viruses that have long been created in laboratories, in the best style of Resident Evil.

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Always, in all zombie plots, modern society is destroyed and there are very few human survivors, not infected by the fearsome virus, who are desperately struggling to survive.

But a group of scientists decidedly set out to prove that in the event of an eventual zombie apocalypse, the undead would have all of their loss. These are some reasons, in case you don’t get any kind of supernatural powers.

In the first instance, one of the main features of zombies is that they move right and sinister, worse than a drunk, without knowing where or where.

So this indicates that they have no intelligence to put together an attack or defense strategy. Easily a pack of dogs or wolves would eat them, attracted by their smell of rotten meat. How long would they last without being torn apart?

Another aspect is the geographical issue. Although the films show the majority of population terrified and useless, in real life survival instinct would lead everyone to look for places conducive to shelter, of which these scientists say, there are quite a few where they can hide and protect thousands and thousands of people from zombie attacks.

In addition to this, to the fact that there are rocky mountains, large cliffs, where you have to cross dangerous bridges, not suitable for the minimum intelligence of a zombie.

And the most important reason they offer, is that such a disease cannot be spread so easily, in a short period of time, considering that the first mammal that became infected with rabies, didn´t spread the virus quickly to all members of its species in the mu but simply bit some of them and died. and rabies remained a rather uncommon disease among all species.

Likewise,a zombie who needs to bite (or generate an open wound) to infect them is a zombie that will take a long time to infect enough people to replace him when he dies (which, as we see, will be rather soon).

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