Curious eggs that link all Pixar movies

Curious eggs that link all Pixar movies

From the Pizza Planet van to the ball with the red star.

Speaking of Pixar is synonymous with praise. These studies are clearly one of the most influential in recent times, responsible for the best animated of the last twenty years with the permission of Dreamworks and Disney (which owns Pixar, actually) movies -. Your feature and short films brimming technical quality and thanks to their scripts and themes as collected, manage to connect with the audience in a very special way, making a number of wonderful experience feelings.

But the genius of Pixar goes beyond the individual quality of his films. The producer is known to bind them all together by eggs, something that has happened since the first animated movie: Toy Story (1995). Thus, we find common elements in almost all , as van Pizza Planet or the famous golden ball with a red star. The number of eggs is very large, but here we leave the best:

The caravan Bugs

In Vermin, insects are electrocuted with lamp this caravan. In Monsters Inc., appears as the home of one of the girls frightened by the monsters.

In Vermin, insects are electrocuted with the lamp this caravan. In Monsters, Inc., is listed as the home of one of the girls scared by monsters.

You see this trailer? Bugs appears in one of the first films of Pixar. Years later he also appeared in Monsters, Inc., but then was inhabited. In the film, appears when the caravan villain Randall Boggs enters it through one of the gates of the factory.

The yellow ball with red stars

This yellow ball appears in all films, from his first short film up to Inside Out.

The yellow ball appears in all films, from his first short film up to Inside Out.

In the first Pixar short film (created in 1986) appeared A small yellow ball with two red stars and a blue band. That little ball, over the years, has followed this in Pixar films, appearing in Toy Story, Finding Nemo and even Inside Out. We can also find in video games these films (see minigame Finding Nemo for PlayStation 2 in which we had to pass those balls through a hoop).

The characters of the future


Nemo and made its appearance two years ago, in Monsters, Inc.

One of the most common practices in Pixar films is briefly display characters from future films. For example, Nemo (Finding Nemo) appears on Monsters, Inc., a film of 2001. In the same way, in Ratatouille we can see the shadow of Dug, a character that would appear years later in a short film called “Dug’s Special Mission” and “Up!”. Hint: Dug the talking dog is Up


This is Dug.

The same situation is repeated with Lotso (the pink teddy bear Toy Story 3), which appeared briefly in Up! and previous releases of Toy Story. Also with Finn McMissile, the spy who makes an appearance in Cars 2 , which can be clearly seen in one of the posters of Andy’s room (Toy Story 3). Likewise, Doc Hudson appears in The Incredibles. There are dozens of such examples

Sid Phillips and his legacy


Sid Phillips appears as garbage in Toy Story 3. Similarly, a girl with the same shirt appears in Inside Out. Will your daughter?

Remember that terrible and evil child who appears in the first film Toy Story? That torturing and toys Woody and Buzz get rid. For evil character that also appears in some form or another in successive Pixar . In Toy Story 3 appears as a dump, which can be deduced from his shirt and his voice (played by the same person).

In addition, his legacy is present in other later films like Inside Out , where we can see a girl with the same shirt Sid Phillips. Will it be a descendant of his

Dinoco, the official fuel Pixar


Dinoco is the fuel of the Piston Cup, but also the gas station that appears in Toy Story.

Do you sound Dinoco? It is the sponsor of the Piston Cup champion, which appears in the first issue of Cars. This sponsor is actually A fuel company which also appears in other Pixar movies such as Toy Story and WALL-E.

Apple, in the films of Pixar


Toys are smart and use an iMac with Safari. Remember that Steve Jobs is one of the founders of Pixar.

In Monsters Inc., Mike is reading a magazine. On the back of that magazine you can read “Scare Different” , a clear reference to “Think Different” Apple.

Likewise, in Toy Story 3, computer using toys is an iMac. In the same series you can see how Andy uses developed by US-based iTunes software.

The Pizza Planet truck


In Toy Story is an essential, but also You can be seen on the streets of Ratatouille, on the steps of Cars 2, etc.

initially appeared in the first film, Toy Story, and is one of the most common items Pixar studio. appears in Cars, Ratatouille, in Monsters SA, Inside Out … is present in all studio films except The Incredibles.

The acronym A113


The Pixar artists studied in the same classroom. Appears on enrollment, in camera models, etc.

This is one of Pixar easter eggs most striking and curious. Refers to classroom animation at the California Institute of Arts , where studied several of the founders of Pixar. Thus, in all these acronyms studio films, whether on a train, Mate enrollment in camera diver Finding Nemo, etc appear


Curious eggs that link all Pixar movies
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October 3, 2015

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